Custom Goat Blankets Adult Over 18 Months (Dwarf Sizes Only)



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Adult sizes over 18 months (Dwarf sizes only)

Will make up to 30′ length from back of neck to end of rump.

Enter Color and size details along with any additional customization details in the Order Notes Field during checkout.

If you would like your logo converted to stitch file, and added to this product or products, please add digitization services to your cart at checkout.  A copy of your digitized (Stitch) file will be emailed back to you for future use.  This is a one-time fee of $40.  Be sure to send your logo file in JPEG or PNG format to

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If you would only like custom words added to this item, please add basic embroidery services at checkout.  This is a $5 fee per item to be embroidered.  If you order 4 blankets and you want them all embroidered with words only, please add embroidery services 4 times at checkout.