Show Quality Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Who are we?

Hello…I am Angela Smock, a single mother of 3 wonderful children (Alyssa, Ashlyn, and AJ). We are located in Cherryville, NC. I always dreamed of having a family farm, but with my fathers service in the Navy and then my own service in the Army, it was not feasible.

Life changes…

After the Military, we moved to North Carolina. When my son was very young he developed allergies to all formula, human and cow milk, soy and almonds. This started our journey into the goat world. I purchased our farm in Jan 2014 and quickly purchased our first goats. Originally the goats were only bred to provide milk for my son. As he grew older he out-grew his allergies, but we never out-grew our love for goats.

With Ashlyn and AJ by my side we began showing in 2018. In the fall of 2020, Alyssa and her long-time boyfriend (Spencer) returned from college. Both of them caught the show bug and expanded our show ring family. With the help of Alyssa and Spencer we began milk test in 2020.

Our focus is on producing goats that represent the ADGA standard of breed. We test annually for CAE, Johnes, and CL and proud to say our herd has always been free of these diseases.

Angela, Ashlyn and AJ

Spencer and Alyssa