Deposit for Cannoli


SKU: Goat1-1



This is a non-refundable deposit.  The $200 deposit will be subtracted from the total cost.  Leaving a $400 Balance which must be paid within 30 Days after deposit is paid.  The animal must be picked up within that same 30 Day window from Bucktopia Farm (6742 Colony Lane, Cherryville, NC 28021).

The initial deposit will only be refunded in the case of death or serious injury or illness while still under the care of Bucktopia Farm within the 30 Day window mentioned above.

Additional Options available at checkoout:

Bucktopia will provide health cert, if required by transportation company/individual, for a cost of $50.00

Bucktopia will meet transporters or new owners within a 100 mile radius of Cherryville, NC for a cost of $50.00

Additional information

Need Health Cert?

No, Yes

Pickup Location?

Bucktopia Farm, Drop Off location within 100 miles of Bucktopia Farm (Cherryville, NC)