Cedar View Sienna

Extended Pedigree, Johne’s test results, and CAE test results


Description: Gold and White, Brown Eyes, Polled

Number of Kiddings: 3

Show Wins: 2X RGCH

DOB: 4/15/2015


  • SSS: GCH Rosasharn Tom Bombadil ++*B
  • SS: GCH Chenango-Hills Lysander ++*B
  • SSD: GCH Chenango-Hills Bouncy Trixie 5*M

Sire: GCH J-Nels LY Cappuccino +*B EEE 91, 2017 and 2018 ANDDA JUJU Sire Award

  • SDS: AGS ARMCH Ceasar’s Villa GL Bad Boy
  • SD: SGCH J-Nels BB Dimples 1*M
  • SDD: AGS Ceasar’s Villa STS Darcie

  • DSS: Little Tots Estate Metasequoia +B
  • DS: CH Cedar View Ceasario*B (polled)
  • DSD: Little Tots Estate Helliathus 2*M

D: Cedar View Bernadetta 3*M

  • DDS: Cedar View Fabrizio *B
  • DD: GCH Cedar View Cassimiracola 4*M
  • DDD: GCH Little Tots Estate Cassia 3*M

Cedar View Sienna

Dam: Cedar View Bernadetta 5*M (Photos Courtesy of Cedar View)

Sire’s Dam: SGCH J-Nels BB Dimples 1*M (Photos Courtesy of J-Nel’s)

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