Bucktopia TS Azula

Extended Pedigree, Johne’s test results, and CAE test results

Description: Buckskin with White, Brown Eyes

Number of Kiddings: 1

DOB: 6/25/2020


  • DSS: SGCH Buttin’ Heads Palimony ++*B EEE 90
  • DS: Buttin’ Heads Stapal Gun +*B
  • DSD: GCH Buttin’ Heads Zipper Pea 1*M VVEE 90

D: CH Field’s of Grace SG Geisha Girl (*M pending)

  • DDS: AGS Enchanted Hill Tom Jefferson +B
  • DD: Flat Rock’s TJ China Doll
  • DDD: AGS Flat Rocks Briar Rose

  • SSS: Buttin’ Heads Mendleson’s March
  • SS: Buttin’ Heads Martinique +B
  • SSD: SGCH Buttin’ Heads Shapinsay 1*M, 2012 ADGA National Show RGC

S: Buttin’ Heads Tinacious Samurai *B

  • SDS: Buttin’ Heads Panpipes +*B
  • SD: GCH Buttin’ Heads Japanese Washi 3*M, 2017 ADGA National Show 1st place and 1st place Udder, 2016 ADGA National Show 2nd place and 2nd place udder
  • SDD: GCH Buttin’ Heads Paperclip 2*M VEEE 91, 2012 ADGA National Show GCH and Best Udder
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